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The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)   


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Hydrogen loading

Up to 200 atm of hydrogen gas pressure. Samples include optical fibre, integrated waveguides and materials.

Optical Fibre Gratings

  • Standard gratings.
  • Intermediate temperature operation.
  • Ultra high temperature operation.
  • Specialty gratings

Active fbre gratings

  • DFB fibre lasers.
  • DBR fibre lasers.
  • Other laser configurations.
  • Specialty gratings for fibre laser and sensor operation.

Laser processing

iPL has a suite of lasers for processing materials, particularly in the UV and visible.

Optical fibre expertise 

  • Range of stock fibres
  • Specialty fibre design

Media Services

  • Expert assessment and opinion on technology, regional and international impact, government policy and legislation
  • Topical articles for newspapers and other media outlets


Consultation Services

  • Expert evaluation of technical projects, grant & centre applications, regional impact, government legislation
  • Intellectual property evaluation, extension and generation
  • Commercial assessments, links
  • Ethical challenges and other legal concerns, professional mentoring.