EURO 2024: Tips For Gamblers Who Aren’t Football Fans

Football has obviously captures the attention of the world today. This is true especially during popular high-stakes tournaments like EURO 2024 – where you can bet on the game. But how does one get into EURO 2024 football betting  without prior knowledge?

Understanding the Basics of Football

Football is played over two halves – each lasting 45 minutes – with a halftime interval. The objective here is to score more goals than the opponent. Understanding this principle will then set the stage for making good decisions when placing your bets.

EURO 2024 also features a qualification phase going to the final tournament. Teams are divided into groups, with the top teams from each group advancing to what they call knock-out stages. Recognizing the tournament structure is needed for long-term betting strategies. That’s because it affects how the said teams play and prioritize matches.

Types of Football Bets

One of the simplest forms of betting, moneyline involves predicting the outcome of a single match – win, lose, or draw. For those unfamiliar with football games, sticking to these straightforward bets can be a good starter.

Second, accumulators combine multiple bets into one, offering higher potential returns but with increased risk, as all chosen outcomes must occur for the bet to win. This form of betting requires some knowledge of the teams involved but can be approached with strategies that minimize risk.

Lastly, prop bets focus on predicting the number of goals in a match instead of the outcome. Options here include betting over or under a certain number of goals. This can be fun and simple for those less versed in team strengths and strategies.

Research and Preparation

Diving into online analysis, pundit opinions, and statistical data can provide insights for you. Many sports betting sites offer predictions and expert analyses for bettors. They can guide decision-making for those less familiar with football.

Second, even a look at recent performance, head-to-head history between teams, and current player fitness can inform betting choices. Football teams on a winning streak or those with a strong record against their opponents are often safer bets.

Other than that, one of the rules of betting is to not wager more than can afford to be lost. Setting aside a budget for betting on EURO 2024 – and sticking to it – is a must-do for an enjoyable gambling experience.

Lastly, remember that you need to add excitement to the matches, so you can enjoy the football tournament. For that, maintaining a light-hearted approach and treating EURO 2024 football betting as entertainment ensures that it remains an awesome experience!

Win Big Money: Bet On “First Scorer” In EURO 2024 Matches

Among the wagering options during the EURO 2024, one category stands out for its thrilling blend of high risk and high reward: betting on the first scorer in matches. This specific type of bet requires a profound understanding of the game, the teams, and the players. This is a must-have to know who will break the deadlock and send fans into a frenzy.

Soccer Football – Euro 2024 Qualifier – Group A – Norway v Spain – Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo, Norway – October 15, 2023 Spain’s Gavi celebrates scoring their first goal Frederik Ringnes/NTB via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. NORWAY OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN NORWAY.

Understanding the Dynamics

Success in this bet rests on a keen analysis of various factors that could influence the early stages of a match. From team formations and strategies to individual player performances and historical precedents, the avenues of investigation are both broad and detailed.

Familiarity with Team Tactics

Analyzing how teams approach the opening minutes of their games is crucial. Teams known for their aggressive start and offensive tactics are more likely to produce this type of scorer. Understanding a team’s playing style and how they exploit their opponents’ weaknesses can guide bettors towards making more informed decisions.

Key Considerations for Bettors

  • Player Form and Position

A player’s current form is pivotal. A striker or attacking midfielder in a rich vein of goal-scoring form is always a good candidate. However, considering a player’s position is also important; forwards are traditionally favored, but midfielders or defenders known to contribute to set-pieces might offer more attractive odds.

  • Starting Lineups and Injuries

Detail is decisive. Waiting for the confirmed starting lineups before placing bets is wise, as last-minute changes due to injuries or tactical decisions can affect the likelihood of a player scoring first.

  • Historical Performance

Historical performance against an opponent or in similar tournaments can offer insights. Some players have a knack for shining in the big moments or against certain teams. This information, readily available through sports analytics sites, can bolster the decision-making process.

Strategies for Placing First Scorer Bets

  • Spread Betting

Rather than putting all one’s eggs in one basket, spreading bets across potential candidates can increase chances of success. While this might lower the overall profit margin, it balances the risk across multiple possibilities.

  • Consider the Match Context

The match’s context, such as its significance, the stage of the tournament, and even weather conditions, can influence how teams and players perform. High-stakes matches might see a more cautious start, which could sway the odds towards midfielders or defenders scoring from set-pieces.

  • Utilize Live Betting

Lastly, for those who excel under pressure, live betting offers a dynamic way to engage with first scorer bets. Observing the match’s opening minutes can provide vital clues to which team or player looks more likely to score. However, quick decision-making is essential as odds fluctuate rapidly.

Why England is the Slight Favorite in EURO 2024 Football

The countdown is on for EURO 2024 and many fans are eagerly making decisions on their EURO 2024 football betting predictions. They’re all evaluating strengths and weaknesses, analyzing the talent on different teams, reviewing the different odds, and speculating on who will reign victorious in the end.

This year, England just might be the favorite and they are certainly a frontrunner as the bids start rolling in. The odds are heavily in their favor when you compare them to other teams on the roster.

A Talented Squad

The England team is stacked with talent, but it doesn’t just stop with the players. Their manager, Gareth Southgate, has built a team that is both formidable and talented. On their lineup, you can find several experienced players as well as some up and coming talent catching recognition in their youth.

The talent from both sides of the Three Lions assembles perfectly to create strong defense, attacking prowess, and strong players. Some of the most well-known players include Marcus Rashford, Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho, and Mason Mount. Of course, these are just a few of the many talented players on the team.

A Foundation of Strong Defense

Defense is everything in football and England’s team seems to have got it just right. They have a solid defense and that is what has carried them so far as it is. The defense is organized and drilled, making it exceptionally challenging for opposing teams to break through.

Home Advantage

With EURO 2024 being on the home turf for England, they certainly have some advantage. There is just something about playing on home soil that really seems to boost a team. Plus, with the locality, they are likely to have a host of fans there cheering them on.

Bring on Momentum

Finally, England promises to be a contender in EURO 2024 football betting (taruhan bola EURO 2024) from their current talent, but also from prior success and the momentum that drives them. This isn’t their first rodeo in the tournament world and they certainly came close in 2020. This might just be their year.

Is EURO 2024 As Prestigious As The World Cup

While both EURO 2024 and the World Cup are prestigious football tournaments, they differ in scope, participation, frequency, cultural significance, format, and global impact. Each tournament holds its unique place in the world of football, offering the fans with thrilling moments and unforgettable experiences.

EURO 2024, while highly esteemed in its own right, primarily features national teams from Europe competing for continental supremacy. The UEFA European Championship, commonly known as the EURO, has steadily grown in stature over the years and commands significant attention within Europe and beyond.

Here’s a real catch. Euro 2024 and World Cup are both prestigious international football tournaments, but they have several differences and similarities. Simply stated, EURO 2024 is as prestigious as the World Cup but is unique from the latter because of these reasons. 


EURO 2024 features national teams from Europe, while the FIFA World Cup features a more diverse range of teams from around the world. The latter is a global tournament involving teams from all continents. 


Both EURO and the World Cup EURO 2024 occur every four years, the latter (EURO) football tournament alternates with the World Cup. It is a significant and focused platform for European nations to compete against each other. On the other hand, the World Cup involves teams from all FIFA member associations, making it a truly global event. 

Cultural Significance

The European Championship (EURO) carries more significance within Europe and is deeply embedded in European football culture, while the FIFA World Cup goes past continents and cultures, captivating a global audience.


In the EURO football tournament, different teams compete in group stages and then make their way to the finals via knockout rounds. Although the World Cup’s format is similar to EURO’s, it is more extensive due to the larger number of participating teams. 

Impact and Audience

While EURO attracts a significant audience, its reach is primarily concentrated within Europe, and among fans of European football, the World Cup attracts billions of viewers from all corners of the world. It has a broader impact on global sports culture and captures the attention of even non-football fans. With a rich history dating back to 1930, the World Cup has become established in the realm of global sports culture and holds immense prestige within the football community.

In summary, while EURO 2024 is undoubtedly prestigious within the European footballing landscape, the FIFA World Cup maintains a higher level of global prominence and historical reverence. 

Two Teams Are Apparent Shoo-Ins In EURO 2024 Group D

The UEFA European Championship, popularly known as the EURO, is happening really soon this coming June 2024 with Germany as this year’s host.  The draw qualifying group stage for this year’s tournament was conducted last October 2022 while the final tournament draw happened last December 2023 and concluded with these results:

  • Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland
  • Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania
  • Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England
  • Group D: Netherlands, Austria, France, Play-off winner A
  • Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-off winner B
  • Group F: Türkiye, Portugal, Czechia, Play-off winner C

These results are crucial in determining the possible outcomes of the tournament. The draw also serves as guide for the teams to prepare for the tournament as they will be able to prepare accordingly by coming up with a game plan that works in countering their opponents’ game strategies.

EURO 2024: Group D

This EURO 2024 group D consists of: Netherlands, Austria, France, Play-off winner A. Two teams of this roster have been great contenders to the championship title. We have Netherlands and France which both have showed consistent strength and competence and the all-time stats can prove that. These two teams both chart high in the statistics.

  • Most goals scored: Netherlands -3 Top 2, 56 top 2, France – Top 5, 5th spot
  • Matches won: Netherlands – Top 2, 103 matches won; France – Top 4/5, 95 titles

These statistics show how these two teams have a stable shot at the EURO 2024 title.

France or Netherlands in Top 2?

During qualifying, France faced stiff competition from an improving Netherlands team, indicating the potential for a contest for first place.  The competition in this group category will be definitely tough because of the improvements for both teams.

The Netherlands, under the guidance of Ronald Koeman, have harnessed the talents of a promising new generation of players. Despite them being a young team, Team Netherlands proves that their a force to reckon with.

Both teams have proven track records in international competitions and possess the necessary quality, depth, and tactical acumen to go far in the tournament. With a blend of skill, tactical prowess, and the ability to perform under pressure, the Netherlands and France are expected to be strong contenders for the EURO 2024 title.

In Conclusion

Both France and Netherlands are teams that bank on their consistency and competence to get that championship.

France is the reigning World Cup champions and has a formidable squad that boasts exceptional depth and talent in almost every position. They possess a perfect balance of experienced players and young prospects who have excelled at the highest level of the game.

Overall, France and the Netherlands stand out as strong teams in this category, with Austria also posing a potential challenge. However, they cannot be complacent as the other teams also deeply prepare for the tournament and definitely won’t make this journey smooth-sailing.

Why You Won’t See Erling Haaland or Martin Odegaard in EURO 2024

What’s the deal with Martin Odegaard or Erling Haaland? Won’t they make it for EURO 2024? EURO 2024 is an upcoming major football (soccer) event covering European nations that has happened right off the heels of the recent Qatar World Cup.

There’s some huge football superstars in EURO 2024. They include Cristiano Ronaldo shooting for a final shot at glory despite being a legend already.

What Happened with Odegaard and Haaland?

  • The Two Norway Superstars: There a couple of big Euro players who won’t compete in the EURO 2024 tournament, with two of them coming from Norway. To be more specific, they’re Martin Odegaard or Erling Haaland. They’re too busy breaking the Premier League apart to play in their Norwegian national team.
  • Failing Qualification: The Norway Team failed to qualify for the EURO tournament for this year, thus the twin stars of Norway have been relegated to completing their Premier League responsibilities instead.
  • Manchester City Players for Now: For now, Odegaard and Haaland are occupied representing Manchester City (Haaland) and Arsenal (Odegaard). The pair don’t seem fated to wear Norway colors as representatives of their national team for EURO 2024. The tournament are for Euro National Teams.
  • A Disappointing Turn of Events: Haaland and Odegaard would’ve torn the EURO football tournament asunder as well, but the failure of qualification has resulted in them delaying their EURO debuts later on. Such a shame, since we have superstars gunning for glory in the event.
  • Ronaldo and a Company of Star Players: Cristiano Ronaldo wishes to carry Portugal to international EURO glory. Furthermore, the England side shows huge promise with the emerging star in Jude Bellingham and the veteran experience of Harry Kane. France is a heavy favorite too with top players such as Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe.
  • Where Did It Go Wrong for Norway? The nation of Norway is a heavyweight class football national team full of Europe’s best and most productive soccer players. Nevertheless, the Norwegian football squad missed out a spot in the 2024 EURO football tournament. Their qualification campaign finished six points behind of second-place Scotland.
  • Norwegian Results and Standings: Norway was supposed to aim for at least second place in Group A behind Spain, which is the three-time EURO champions. Scotland came from behind and took their spot away in light of circumstances within and beyond their control.

There’s no reprieve for Norway through other qualification routes, such as the playoffs. To be more specific, their performance during the UEFA Nations League was ultimately mediocre. They could’ve done better, especially with their Norwegian golden pair now playing elsewhere. Haaland scored 6 goals but Odegaard only 1 goal in qualifying.

Will All EURO 2024 Broadcasts Be Streamed Live?

The EURO 2024 broadcasts will be streamed live on the website, specifically the European Qualifiers except the national team matches of the following destinations—Spain, Gibraltar, Malta, and Liechtenstein.

Where Will The Broadcasts for EURO 2024 Happen All Over the World?

The EURO 2024 broadcasts will be aired on TV and radio globally. You can also catch it on Fans can check out the Euro Qualifier broadcast partners for each country below.

  • A to B: Albania will broadcast EURO 2024 through Digitalb and TV Klan. Andorra instead depends on L’Équipe, TF1, and TVE. Armenia has Public TV and Fast Media. Austria will air the broadcasts through DAZN, ÖRF, Puls 4, and Servus TV.

Azerbaijan has CBC Sport while Belgium replies on DPG Media, Eleven Sports, and RTBF for viewing the matches. Bosnia and Herzegovina has Arena Sport and BHRT while Bulgaria instead offers BNT and NOVA Bulgaria.

  • C to G: Croatia will air the EURO 2024 broadcasts through Nova TV. As for Cyprus, it’s CyBC and CYTA. Czechia broadcast partners are AMC Networks and Ceske Televize. For Denmark, it’s TV2 Denmark and for Estonia, it’s TV3 Sport Estonia. The Faroe Islands has the Faroese Broadcasting Corporation while Finland offers MTV Finland and YLE.

Then there’s France with L’Équipe and TF1. Georgia has GPB and Silknet while host country Germany has ARD, DAZN, RTL, and ZDF. For Gibraltar, it’s the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation and for Greece, it’s the Alpha Satellite Television and NovaSports.

  • H to L: The Holy See or Vatican City will also receive the EURO 2024 broadcasts through Mediaset, RAI, and Sky Italia. For Hungary, it’s MTVA, TV2, and Arena 4. For Iceland, it’s Viaplay Iceland and Stod 2 Sports. For Israel, it’s Charlton and The Sports Channel. For Italy, it’s also Mediaset, RAI, and Sky Italia (like the Holy See).

For Kazakhstan, it’s QAZSPORT while Kosovo has Artmotion and RTK Kosovo. For Latvia, it’s TV3 Sport Latvia and for Liechtenstein, it’s Liechtensteiner Landeskanal. There’s also Lithuania’s TV3 Sport Lithuania and Luxembourg’s Eleven Sports and RTL.

  • M to R: Malta has PBS, Moldova has TRM Moldova and Alma Sport, and Monaco has L’Équipe and TF1. For Montenegro, it’s Arena Sport and RTCG while the Netherlands has NOS and Ziggo Sport.

Norway has TV2-N, Poland has POLSAT and TVP, Portugal has RTP and Sport TV, and the Republic of Ireland has Virgin Media and Premier Sports ROI. Romania offers Antena 1, Clever Media, and Digi Sport Romania.

  • S to U: Spain has TVE, Sweden has Viaplay Sweden, Switzerland has DAZN, RSI, RTS, and SRF, and Türkiye has Saran and TRT. Finally, Ukraine has Megogo Ukraine and Suspilne while the United Kingdom has Channel 4, S4C, and Viaplay.

The EURO 2024 broadcasts have wide-ranging appeal that’s evidenced by their broadcast reach. The matches will be aired through partners in Europe and global territories in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Ocean, the Middle East and so forth.

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