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Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Instrumentation Applied to Horse Gait Detection

J. R. Galvão, A. B. Di Renzo, P. E. Schaphauser, A. Kalinowski, J. Canning, C. R. Zamarreño, J. C. C. da Silva and C. Martelli, IEEE Sensors J, 18(14), 5778-5785, (2018). More

Water photonics, non-linearity and anomalously large electro-optic coefficients in poled silica fibres

J. Canning, MRS Commun. 8 (1), 29-34, (2018). More

Optical-fiber sensor network deployed for temperature measurement of large diesel engine

F. Mezzadri, F. C. Janzen, G. Martelli, J. Canning, K. Cook and C. Martelli, IEEE Sensors J, 18 (9), 3654-3660, (2018) More

Structure Formation Dynamics in Drawing Silica Photonic Crystal Fibres

W. Wang, G. Tafti, M. Ding, Y. Luo, Y. Tian, S. Wang, T. Karpisz, J. Canning, K. Cook, G-D. Peng, Frontiers In Optoelectronics, 11 (1), 69-76 (2018) More


3D Printing and the IoT
J. Canning, (KEYNOTE)  Emerging Innovation Summit 2018 (EIS'2018), Melbourne Australia (2018).
Forays in 3D Printing and Photonics
J. Canning, K. Cook, (INVITED) Photonics 2018, New Delhi, India (2018).
3D Printing, Photonics and the IoT
J. Canning, K. Cook (INVITED) Conf. on Lasers & Electro-Optics - Pacific Rim (CLEO-PR), Hong Kong, (2018).
3D Printing and Photonics
K. Cook, J. Canning, (INVITED) Asia Pacific Optical Sensors (APOS2018), Matsue City, Shimane, Japan (2018).
Photonics IoT and Medicine
J. Canning, S. Ast, M. Golzan, Asia Pacific Optical Sensors (APOS2018), Matsue City, Shimane, Japan (2018).
3D Printed Photonic Ribs: a new platform for devices, sensors and more 
P. Flanagan, K. Cook, J. Canning, Asia Pacific Optical Sensors (APOS2018), Matsue City, Shimane, Japan (2018).
Monitoring Australian Utility Poles 
J. Canning, K. Cook, Asia Pacific Optical Sensors (APOS2018), Matsue City, Shimane, Japan (2018).
A Raman spectroscopic study of FBG regeneration 
M. Lancry, K. Cook, B. Poumellec and J. Canning, Bragg Gratings, Poling and Photosensitivity (BGPP), OSA Congress, Zurich, Switzerland, (2018)
Automatic determination of contact angle of drops on plant surfaces
C. Janeczko, C. Martelli, J. Canning, G. Dutra, OSA Congress, Zurich, Switzerland, (2018).
Simple modelling of structured optical fibre drawing
G. Tafti, W. Wang, Y. Luo, K. Cook, J. Canning, G-D. Peng, Optical Fibre Sensors, Lausanne Switzerland (2018).


Guest Editorial JLT Special Issue on OFS-25

Y. Chung, W. Jin, B. Lee, J. Canning, K. Nakamura, and L. Yuan, J Lightwave Technol., Vol. 36 (4), (2018). More