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Development of a lateral flow test for rapid pyrethroid detection using anti-body gated indicator-releasing hybrid materials
E. Costa, E. Climent, S. Ast, M. G. Weller, J. Canning, K. Rurack, Accepted Analyst (2020)
Chirping Fibre Bragg gratings within additively manufactured polymer packages
A. Ziyani, J. Canning, Accepted to Opt. Lett., (2020).
Photocatalysis of 17α-ethynylestradiol and estriol using engineered immersible optical fibres and light emitting diodes
K. Sornalingam, A. McDonagh, J. Canning, K. Cook, Md A. H. Johir, J. L. Zhou, M. B. Ahmed, J. Water Process. Eng., 33 101075 (2020). More

3D Printed Smart Orthotic Insoles: Monitoring a Person's Gait Step by Step

Z. Hao, K. Cook, J. Canning, H. Chen and C. Martelli, IEEE Sensors Lett. 4 (1), 1-4, (2020) More

Fluorescence-based quality assurance of olive oils using an endoscopy smart mobile spectrofluorimeter

Md. A. Hossain, J. Canning and Z. Yu, IEEE Sensors J., 20 (8), 4156 – 4163, (2020) More 


NOTE: 2020 has been hit by the corona virus and many events will be delayed or post-poned to 2021.

3D Printing and Photonics
J. Canning (Keynote), 4th Int. Conf. Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials (ICEAN), Newcastle University, Australia, August (2020)
Scalability in IoT Sensor Networks for Smart Buildings
J. Canning, K. B. Colapinto, B. Lindner, M. Cengic, Accepted Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS 2020). **NOTE: OFS will be delayed due to Coronavirus
Twist compensation of birefringence in highly asymmetric germanosilicate fibres drawn from 3D printed preforms
J. Canning, Y. Wang, M. Lancry, G-D. Peng, Accepted Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS 2020). **NOTE: OFS will be delayed due to Coronavirus.


Smart Sensing
J. Canning, UTS Smart Sensing Research Showcase, NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN), (2020)