The University of Technology Sydney (UTS)   

APOS 2012

Thanks to all the participants from the world over for making it one of the most successful photonic events held in Australia. The next event is scheduled for Wuhan, China so stay tuned for early notification! Proceedings are available from SPIE DIGITAL LIBRARY: More 

Third Asia Pacific Optical Sensors Conference, SPIE Proceedings Vol 8351. 

Images of the event can be seen here:

Day 1     Day 2     Conference dinner

3rd Asia Pacific Optical Sensors (APOS) Conference 2012

APOS2012The regions premiere optical sensing conference is to be held in Sydney Australia, Jan 31 to Feb 3 2012. It is third in a series that began in Chengdu, China, in 2008 followed by Guingzhou China in 2010. The extraordinary growth of photonics and optical sensing in this region has made this event one of the most important global conferences to attend. Alternating with the renown Optical Fiber Sensors (OFS) Conference, this event complements and ensures contempororay advances in photonic sensing are communicated and disseminated worldwide quickly.

Sydney is arguably the finest harbourside city in the world and one of the few truly international cities, making it an ideal lcoation to host this event, one in which visitors will find themselves at ease with all natural and artistic sentiments catered to.

For more information: APOS2012