The University of Technology Sydney (UTS)   


  • Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Cook and Dr. Tim Chen for their CAPEX funding to support iPL work on developing sensors within 3D printed orthotics. Welcome to Mr. Zhongyang Hao a regular student intern from UNSW who has been funded to work this project. This work complements related work on smart horse shoes and disabled orthotics pioneered by iPL partner Prof. Cicero Martelli at UTFPR in Brazil. 
  • In joint collaborative work with Prof Gang-Ding Peng at UNSW, we welcome Mr. Yushi Zhu completing his final year of his PhD at UTS working on 3D printing of optical fibres. Yushi was also funded to spend the previous year at UNSW.
  • In ongoing collaboration with the University of Sydney, School of Medicine's Dr. Daniel Johnstone, we welcome newly started PhD student Mr. Luke Gordon working on advanced medical diagnostics.