The University of Technology Sydney (UTS)   


Consultancy and contracts

iPL has undertaken numerous consultations and industry contract work with a range of industry and private parties. We understand the need for confidentiality and guarantee confidential communications and where required NDAs and can undertake extremely sensitive work. Examples of past types of work covered include:

  • Expert evaluation of technical projects, grant & centre applications, regional impact, government legislation
  • Intellectual property evaluation, extension and generation
  • Commercial assessments, links
  • Ethical challenges and other legal concerns, professional mentoring.
  • Startup advice - the significant number of so-called expert advisers, particularly within the incubator landscape in Australia, has come to our attention. This is creating challenges for first timers to assess the quality of advice being given and motivations of some advisers, particularly around IP. If you have concerns we can provide confidential assessments on the value of what is being proposed or suggested.

Media Services

  • Expert assessment and opinion on technology, regional and international impact, government policy and legislation, including confidential assessment for investigative work behind spurious claims (which have been on the rise)
  • Topical articles for newspapers and other media outlets


Hydrogen loading

Up to 200 atm of hydrogen gas pressure. Samples include optical fibre, integrated waveguides and materials.

Optical fibre gratings

  • Standard short and long period gratings.
  • Intermediate temperature operation.
  • Ultra high temperature operation.
  • Specialty gratings

Active fibre gratings and lasers

  • DFB fibre lasers.
  • DBR fibre lasers.
  • Other laser configurations.
  • Specialty gratings for fibre laser and sensor operation.

Laser processing of materials

iPL has a suite of lasers for processing and cleaving materials, particularly in the UV and visible and has access to facilities for more niche systems.

Speciality optical fiber

Together with the National Fibre Facility at UNSW, speciality fibre, both step-index and structured, production is available.

Speciality optical fibre expertise

iPL pioneered complex wave guide devices and has the expertise to assess your needs.