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As an interdisciplinary research group we have members in various Schools of Engineering, Chemistry and Physics across a few Universities (UTS, Sydney and UNSW and elsewhere). Therefore research projects run the full gamut from fundamental materials science to engineering devices and components. Student from all these departments are welcomed either as direct students at iPL or as indirect students in affiliated projects in each department. Students have ranged from undergraduate to postgraduate.

We have also had students from other universities in NSW including Newcastle University, Macquarie University, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney and the University of New England. Other broader national associations include Melbourne University, Curtin University and Southern Queensland University.

Prof. Canning is Conjoint Professor at UNSW and has co-supervised students with Prof. Gang-Ding Peng from UNSW so other arrangements are possible.

There are various types of students at iPL:

  • Undergraduate research project (e.g. Capstones, Summer students, interns)
  • Masters (1-2 Years)
  • Honours - in Australia, those of sufficient merit bypass Masters (1 Year)
  • PhD (3.5 years)

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Good quality international students are more than welcome – usually high quality students are funded from overseas by their parent institution to spend a period of time as part of their postgraduate studies or even a PhD in its entirety. We will support application for special grants either within Australia or in their home country if the student is of sufficient calibre. In this way we have supported students from as far a field as Finland, Brazil, Denmark, Singapore, UK, France, China, Sweden, and the US. More

UTS has various partnerships including University of Hanoi, Vietnam and Shanghai, University China as well as NOKIA in the US.


Whilst we welcome strong, independent self-funded interns, we do not provide funding. Recently we have hosted interns from France, Saudia Arabia and Ireland. Opportunities to link with startups as vocational trainees are also possible.

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