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Ever wanted to support internationally leading research?

iPL is one of the international leaders in photonics, particularly for sensing and new directions, covering areas from fundamental glass processing to new technologies and working with key national and international partners. It is a world-leading innovative leading research teaching laboratory instilling excellence in all students and staff who participate. As a public research group, we are also here representing you, the public. For an idea of our work please see our publications and some of our research projects.

Donations are welcomed from members of the public and business who wish to ensure Australia maintains its leading edge capabilities in photonic sensing and in the fundamentals of photonics research. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are helping research move forward.

All sponsors can be formally recognised on our website and other options of interest can be negotiated.

Significant donations will receive formal acknowledgements within our research papers (unless you wish not to declare your philanthropy), as well as early alert on such publications. Really substantial donations will entitle the donor to have one of four key labs named after them for that year!

You can of course donate through greater University channels, but to ensure your funds are directed specifically to our world class laboratories and people, including students working here, donations can be made directly to a special iPL fund. We can guarantee your funds are used solely for purposes of enhancing research at iPL. We will of course accept all directions on how you wish your funds to be spent.

We also welcome inquiries on how best to support our research in other ways, such as joint research activities with companies or businesses who can gain knowledge in key areas of photonics or who need training from basics such as laser safety to more advanced topics such as materials, handling of optical fibres and waveguides, and fabricating fibre and waveguide components, and indeed public dissemination of our work. Possible advertising on our website, our emails and so on, provided no conflict of interest issues are raised, can be negotiated.

By all means contact us for further information and discussions: enquiries.