Why You Won’t See Erling Haaland or Martin Odegaard in EURO 2024

What’s the deal with Martin Odegaard or Erling Haaland? Won’t they make it for EURO 2024? EURO 2024 is an upcoming major football (soccer) event covering European nations that has happened right off the heels of the recent Qatar World Cup.

There’s some huge football superstars in EURO 2024. They include Cristiano Ronaldo shooting for a final shot at glory despite being a legend already.

What Happened with Odegaard and Haaland?

  • The Two Norway Superstars: There a couple of big Euro players who won’t compete in the EURO 2024 tournament, with two of them coming from Norway. To be more specific, they’re Martin Odegaard or Erling Haaland. They’re too busy breaking the Premier League apart to play in their Norwegian national team.
  • Failing Qualification: The Norway Team failed to qualify for the EURO tournament for this year, thus the twin stars of Norway have been relegated to completing their Premier League responsibilities instead.
  • Manchester City Players for Now: For now, Odegaard and Haaland are occupied representing Manchester City (Haaland) and Arsenal (Odegaard). The pair don’t seem fated to wear Norway colors as representatives of their national team for EURO 2024. The tournament are for Euro National Teams.
  • A Disappointing Turn of Events: Haaland and Odegaard would’ve torn the EURO football tournament asunder as well, but the failure of qualification has resulted in them delaying their EURO debuts later on. Such a shame, since we have superstars gunning for glory in the event.
  • Ronaldo and a Company of Star Players: Cristiano Ronaldo wishes to carry Portugal to international EURO glory. Furthermore, the England side shows huge promise with the emerging star in Jude Bellingham and the veteran experience of Harry Kane. France is a heavy favorite too with top players such as Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe.
  • Where Did It Go Wrong for Norway? The nation of Norway is a heavyweight class football national team full of Europe’s best and most productive soccer players. Nevertheless, the Norwegian football squad missed out a spot in the 2024 EURO football tournament. Their qualification campaign finished six points behind of second-place Scotland.
  • Norwegian Results and Standings: Norway was supposed to aim for at least second place in Group A behind Spain, which is the three-time EURO champions. Scotland came from behind and took their spot away in light of circumstances within and beyond their control.

There’s no reprieve for Norway through other qualification routes, such as the playoffs. To be more specific, their performance during the UEFA Nations League was ultimately mediocre. They could’ve done better, especially with their Norwegian golden pair now playing elsewhere. Haaland scored 6 goals but Odegaard only 1 goal in qualifying.

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